Introduction to Interact


I am a certified Master Trainer for Interact Performance Systems of Anaheim, CA. When I first encountered Interact Training I had already been a trainer for many years. I was impressed not only with the program content, but also with its organization, background research and style of presentation. I immediately found the skills it presented to be useful not only at work but also at home and in my volunteer work.

I became a certified instructor for the program, called "Performance Problem Solving"TM and later earned my Master Trainer certification. Learn more about Interact here.

A few years ago I renewed my association with Interact Performance Systems. I discovered that the company dedication to presenting effective training programs remaines strong. The slogan "People Skills Learned Right, Not Rote" concisely and precisely describes the training products from Interact Performance Systems.

Interact Activities:

  • 1 - Plan and organize Interact training for your organization.
  • 2 - Present the Interact program to your staff whereby they learn to effectivly communicate issues and solve problems together.
  • 3 - Train and certify your training staff to deliver the program.