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Olympia, WA

General: Created several Graphical games for the H89 under both HDOS and CP/M operating systems

Status: Still in Business

Start Date: 1980? End Date: current

Web Site:

Software Products:

Title Model # Media Target Dev. O/S
Dragons of Hong Kong   Hard-   HDOS
The Exterminator Battles: The Anthropods of Yargon   Hard-   HDOS
Galactic Warrior   Hard-   HDOS
His Majesty's Ship Impetuous   Hard-   HDOS
Invasion   Hard-   HDOS
Missile Control   Hard-   HDOS
Six Micro Stories   Hard-   HDOS
Space Odyssey   Hard-   HDOS
Y-Wing Fighter   Hard-   HDOS
Y-Wing 2   Hard-   HDOS
Zeedle/Deet   Hard-   HDOS