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Heath Users Group



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Software Products:

Title Model # Media Target Dev. O/S
Volume I Documentation 885-1008      
Adventure Disk 885-1010 Les-1   HDOS
Volume II Documentation 885-1013      
Volume III Documentation 885-1015      
HDOS 1.6 Device Drivers 885-1019 Les-1   HDOS 1.6
HUG Editor (ED) Disk 885-1022 Les-1   HDOS
RTTY-8 885-1023 Les-1    
Disk I Misc. 885-1024 Les-1    
RUNOFF Text Processor 885-1025 Les-1   HDOS
Games Disk 885-1029 Les-1   HDOS
Games Disk 885-1030 Les-1   HDOS
Music 8 and 89 Disk 885-1031 Les-1   HDOS
Disk V H8 Misc. Software 885-1032 Les-1    
Volume IV Documentation 885-1037      
WISE on Disk 885-1038 Les-1   HDOS
PILOT on Disk 885-1042 Les-1   HDOS
MODEM Communications Link 885-1043 Les-1    
Utilities Disk VI 885-1044 Les-1   HDOS
Stocks (BHBASIC) 885-1047     HDOS
Personal Accounting Disk 885-1048     HDOS
Income Tax Records 885-1049     HDOS
MODEM Communications System 885-1050 Les-1    
Morse Code H8 885-1052 Les-1    
H11/H19 Support Package 885-1053      
Small Business Package II 885-1054 Les-1    
MBASIC Inventory Disk 885-1055     HDOS
MBASIC Mailing List 885-1056     HDOS
Volume V Documentation 885-1058      
FOCAL-8 Interpreter 885-1059 Les-1   HDOS
Disk VII Utility Package 885-1060 Les-1   HDOS
Tape Memory Image 885-1061      
Disk VIII Utility Package 885-1062 Les-1   HDOS
Floating Point Disk 885-1063     HDOS
Utilities Disk IX 885-1064 Les-1   HDOS
Fixed Point Package 885-1065     HDOS
Utilities Disk X 885-1066 Les-1   HDOS
Graphic Games Disk 885-1067 Les-1   HDOS
MBASIC Graphic Games 885-1068 Les-1   HDOS
Disk XIII Misc. Utilities 885-1069 Les-1   HDOS
Home Financial Package 885-1070     HDOS
MBASIC Small Business Package III 885-1071     HDOS
HDOS Support Package 885-1075 Les-1   HDOS
BASCON/TXTCON Disk 885-1077 Les-1   HDOS
Z80 Assembler 885-1078 Les-1   HDOS
Page Editor PAGED 885-1079     HDOS
Programs For Printers 885-1082     HDOS
Disk XVI Misc. Utilites 885-1083     HDOS
PILOT Documentation 885-1085      
Tiny PASCAL 885-1086     HDOS
MBASIC Graphic Games 885-1088     HDOS
Utilities Disk 885-1089 Les-1   HDOS
Utilities Disk 885-1090     HDOS
Grade and Score Keeping 885-1091     HDOS
Relocating Debugging Tool (ROT) 885-1092 Les-1   HDOS
Dungeons & Dragons (DND) 885-1093 Les-1   HDOS
Fig-Forth 885-1094     HDOS
HUG SY: Device Driver 885-1095 Les-1   HDOS
MBASIC Action Games 885-1096     HDOS
Educational Quiz Disk 885-1097     HDOS
H8 Color Graphics ASM 885-1098 Les-1   HDOS
H8 Color Graphics Tiny PASCAL 885-1099 Les-1   HDOS
Sea Battle 885-1103 Les-1   HDOS
Device Drivers Disk 885-1105 Les-1   HDOS
MORSE CODE Transceiver Ver 1.1 885-1106 Les-1   HDOS
Info Systems and Telep & Mail Sys. 885-1108     HDOS
Retriever DBMS 885-1109     HDOS
Autofile (Z80 only) DBMS 885-1110     HDOS
MBASIC Graphic Games 885-1111     HDOS
Graphic Games Disk 885-1112     HDOS
Fast Action Games 885-1113     HDOS
H8 Color Raiders and Goop 885-1114 Les-1   HDOS
NAVPROGseven Aircraft DBMS 885-1115 Les-1   HDOS
Z80 Debugging Tool (ALDT) 885-1116 Les-1   HDOS
HT-11 Pirates Adventure 885-1117     HT-11
MBASIC Payroll 885-1118     HDOS
BHBASIC Support Package 885-1119 Les-1   HDOS
Whew Utilities 885-1120 Les-1   HDOS
HDOS H17 Support 885-1121 Les-1   HDOS
HDOS MicroNet 885-1122 Les-1   HDOS
HDOS Utilities 885-1126 Les-1   HDOS
Soft Sectored Disk Support 885-1127     HDOS
HDOS Small C 885-1134 Les-1   HDOS
MBASIC Graphic Games 885-1206     CP/M
TERM & HTOC 885-1207     CP/M
Fig-Forth 885-1208     CP/M
Dungeons & Dragons (DND) 885-1209     CP/M
HUG Editor (ED) 885-1210 Les-1   CP/M
Sea Battle 885-1211 Les-1   CP/M
Utilities Disk 885-1212 Les-1   CP/M
Utilities Disk 885-1213     CP/M
MBASIC LOGBOOK 885-1214     CP/M
BASIC-E 885-1215     CP/M
Disk Duplication Utilities 885-1217     CP/M
MBASIC Payroll 885-1218     CP/M
NAVPROGseven Aircraft DBMS 885-1219     CP/M
Action Games (BASIC-E) 885-1220     CP/M
WATZMAN/HUG H19 ROM 885-1221      
HRUN HDOS Emulator for CP/M 885-1223 Les-1   CP/M
CP/M Fast Action Games 885-1228 Les-1   CP/M
CP/M Xmet Robot and ET3400 cross asm 885-1229 Les-1   CP/M
Keymap CP/M 885-1230 Les-1   CP/M
Screen Editor (SE) 885-8001     HDOS
BHBASIC to MBASIC Utility 885-8003     HDOS
Universal DUMP (UDUMP) 885-8004     HDOS
Modem Appl. Effector (MAPLE) 885-8005 Les-1   HDOS
SUBMIT 885-8006     HDOS
EZI-TRANSfer 885-8007     HDOS
Farm Accounting System 885-8008     HDOS
Galatic Warrior by EVRYWARE 885-8009     HDOS & CP/M
HDOS Checkoff (Checking Account) 885-8010     HDOS
CP/M Checkoff 885-8011     CP/M
MAPLE CP/M 885-8012 Les-1   CP/M