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Heath Company
Benton Harbor, MI 49022

General: Started as an aircraft company about 1900, successfully moved into electronics about 1945. Currently operating as Heathikit Educational Systems, a branch of the original company that survived the various sales and reorgainzations of the larger company.

Status: Divested all computer related products

Start Date: (unknown) End Date: (unknown)

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Hardware Products:

Model Part # Name Type Description
H-88   H-88 Computer system Z80 computer, 16K RAM, built-in terminal; expanded memory and I/O cards available
VDB-1 85-2165-1 Video board board  
CPUB-89-0 85-2208-1 Original H-89 CPU Board board  
H-88-3 85-2217-1 Original 3-port Serial Board board  
H-88-5 85-2218-1 Cassette Interface for All-In-One Computer. board Use cassette storage (with appropriate software)
H-88-1 85-2219-1 Hard-Sectored Controller board  
TLB-0 85-2237-2 H-19/H-89 Terminal Circuit board board  
KBD-H19 85-2239-1 Original Keyboard circuit board Keyboard  
TLB-2 85-2376-2 Terminal Logic board (V.2) board Handles keyboard and character generation
PS-H89 85-2384-1 Provides DC power at various levels for the H-89 Power Supply  
VDB-0 85-2453-1 First generation video board (1979) board drives output to the CRT
CPUB-89-1 85-2549-1 H-89 CPU Board board  
IOB-89 85-2550-1 3 port Serial I/O board for H-89 board  
VDB-3 85-2553-2 Later video board (1981) board  
Z-89-37 85-2597-1 Z-89-37 Soft-Sectored Controller board for the H-89 board  
H-88-1 85-2601-1 H-88-1 Hard-Sectored Controller for the H-89 board 4
KBD-H19-1 85-2604-1 Improved circuit board Keyboard more ground
Z-89-67 85-2628-1 Winchester Z-67 Controller board  
TLB-1 85-2634-1 H-19/H-89 Terminal Circuit board board  
VDB-2 85-2636-1 Video Driver Board board  
HA-88-3 85-2715-1 Three-Port RS-232C Serial Interface board Provides printer and telecommunications extendability for older All-In-One Computers
TLB-0 85-2376 Terminal Logic board (orig) board Handles keyboard and character generation
H-89   H-89 Computer system Z80 computer, 16K RAM, built-in terminal, H17 disk drive; expanded memory and I/O cards available
H-8   H-8 Computer system 8080 computer, 16K RAM, accessory cards available
HA-8-6   Z-80 CPU Card board Z80 CPU Card for H-8
HA-8-8   Extended Configuration Option board H-8 Extended Configuration Option
WH-8-64   64K Wired Memory Board board Pre-wired 64K memory board - Comes with 32K RAM; expandable to 48K or 64K with HA-8-16
H-8-16   16K Byte RAM Chip Expansion Set for WH-8-64 chip  
WH-8-16   16K Wired Memory Board board  
WH-8-47   H-8 to Z-47 Disk Interface board Wired interface with two RS-232C Serial Interface Ports
H-8-18   Audio Cassette Interface board Cassette interface for H-8/H-8-5/ECP-3801A systems
H-88-2   16K Random Access Memory (RAM) Expansion Set kit Retrofit your H/Z-89 All-In-One Computer up to 32K or 48K bytes of RAM with one or two of these memory expansion sets.
WH-88-16   64K Random Access Memory (RAM) Expansion Kit kit Expands the RAM capacity of your All-In-One Computer to 64K bytes. Requires H-88 or H/Z-89 with 48K bytes of RAM
H-88-6   Backplate Modification Kit modification Required to use the H/Z-37, H-77, and H/Z-89 Floppy Disk Systems with non-current model All-In-One Computers (which don't have external brightness control)
H-88-10   Wire Wrapping Board board With bus connectors. Design custom circuits for the H/Z-89 All-In-One Computer. This board accepts forty-eight 16-in sockets (also fifty-four 14-pin sockets or other combinations). Uses HCA-6 Wire Wrapping Kit and HCA-7 Wire Wrapping Socket Kit
Z-89-37   Soft-sectored Floppy Disk Controller Board board For the H/Z-89 Computer. Doubles on-line data storage capacity of double-sided H-17-4 or single-sided H-17-1 disk drives below. Deduct $100 when you purchase this board on the same order form with an H-89!
H-88-1   Hard-Sectored Floppy Disk Controller Board board For the H/Z-89. Use only with H-17-1 Drives
Z-89-47   H/Z-89 to Z-47 Interface board H/Z-89 Controller card for Z-47 Disk System
Z-89-67   H/Z-89 to Z-67 Interface board H/Z-89 Controller card for Z-67 Disk System
Z-89-11   Multi-Mode Interface Card board Centronics-style parallel interface allows H/Z-89 to directly interface with MX-80 Printer or use with HWI-8917/8937-1/8947-1 software to enable H/Z-89 to emulate various IBM terminals)
H-17-4   Double-Sided Floppy Disk Drive peripheral For the H/Z-37 Floppy Disk System. Requires Z-89-37 Soft-Sectored Controller above.
H-17-1   Single-Sided Floppy Disk Drive peripheral Uses either Z-89-37 Soft-Sectored Controller or H-88-1 Hard-Sectored Controller
H-17-3   Three-Drive Modification Kit for H-17 kit A modification to the H-17 system. Allows 3 floppy drives in the enclosure.
H-17   H-17 Floppy Disk System peripheral Disk system that was designed for the H8, but could also be used the by H-89. Supported single-sided, single density, 48 tpi drives. Up to 2 drives (3 with the H17-3). Kit-form
WH-17   H-17 Floppy Disk System peripheral Disk system that was designed for the H8, but could also be used the by H-89. Supported single-sided, single density, 48 tpi drives. Up to 2 drives (3 with the H17-3). Came assembled
HS-37-1   H-37 Disk System kit Kit form of the Z-37, came with 1 floppy drive
HS-37-2   H-37 Disk System kit Kit form of the Z-37, came with 2 floppy drives.
Z-37   Z-37 Disk System peripheral Assembled Dual-Sided Disk System with two drives for 1.28 megabytes of data storage (requires Z-89-37 for use with Z-89)
Z-47-BA   Z-47 Disk System peripheral The dual-drive Z-47 provides enough on-line data storage for extended accounting inventory and mathematical functions - up to over 2.5 megabytes. It accepts 8" IBM 3740 floppy diskettes.
ZS-67   Z-67 Disk System peripheral 10.782 Megabyte Commercial Winchester Disk System. Also includes Z-89-67 Interface ($195 value; required to interface the Z-67 to the H-89, Z-89 and Z-90 microcomputers).
HS-77-1   H-77 Disk System peripheral Kit form of the Z-87. Came with 1 floppy drives
HS-77-2   H-77 Disk System peripheral Kit form of the Z-87 below. Came with 2 floppy drives.
Z-87   Z-87 Disk System peripheral Assembled Single-Sided Disk System with two drives for up to 320K bytes of data storage
HCA-4   Black Fabric Anti-Glare CRT Filter accessory Use this high-quality filter on H/Z-89 All-In-One Computers not equipped with non-glare CRTs.
HCA-5-17   Dust Cover for H-17 accessory Dust Cover for H-17 Floppy Disk System
HCA-5-89   Dust Cover for the H-89 All-In-One Computer, the Z-89 D accessory Provides protection from air-borne contaminants.
HCA-5-77   Dust Cover for H/Z-37, H-77 and H/Z-87 accessory Protects H/Z-37, H-77, and H/Z-87
HCA-6   Wire Wrapping Kit kit Includes wire wrapping tool, 50 feet of wire and 200 pre-cut, pre-stripped wires (50 each in 1", 2", 3", and 4" lengths)
HCA-7   Wire Wrapping Socket Kit kit Includes 36 three-level wire wrapping sockets (ranging from 14-pin to 40-pin)
H-19   H-19 Terminal terminal  
MTR-90 444-84 H89 Monitor ROM upgrade chip  
MTR-90 444-142 H89 Monitor ROM upgrade no. 2 chip  

Software Products:

Title Model # Media Target Dev. O/S
Microsoft FORTRAN-80 H-8-20   Z-89/90 HDOS
Microsoft BASIC H-8-21   Z-89/90 HDOS
CBASIC Compiler HCM-817-1 Hard- Z-89/90 CP/M
CBASIC Compiler HCM-837-1 Soft- Z-89/90 CP/M
MAC HDR-817-1 Hard- Z-89/90 CP/M
MAC HDR-837-1 Soft- Z-89/90 CP/M
SID/ZSID HDR-817-2 Hard- Z-89/90 CP/M
SID/ZSID HDR-837-2 Soft- Z-89/90 CP/M
DESPOOL HDR-817-3 Hard- Z-89/90 CP/M
DESPOOL HDR-837-3 Soft- Z-89/90 CP/M
MACRO-80 HMS-817-51 Hard- Z-89/90 HDOS
MACRO-80 HMS-837-51 Soft- Z-89/90 HDOS
MACRO-80 HMS-817-52 Hard- Z-89/90 CP/M
MACRO-80 HMS-837-52 Soft- Z-89/90 CP/M
HDOS 2.0 HOS-817-1 Hard- Z-89/90 HDOS
CP/M HOS-8917-2 Hard- Z-89/90 CP/M
CP/M HOS-8937-2 Soft- Z-89/90 CP/M
3270 Emulator (CP/M) HPO-8917-1 Hard- Z-89/90 CP/M
3270 Emulator (CP/M) HPO-8937-1 Soft- Z-89/90 CP/M
RBT Emulator (CP/M) HWI-8917-1 Hard- Z-89/90 CP/M
HDOS-CP/M file conv. SF-8512   Z-89/90  
CPS (CP/M) SFS-9103   Z-89/90  
CPS HDOS-CP/M SF-9503   Z-89/90  
Condor Data Base HCD-8937-1 Soft- Z-89/90 CP/M
Magic Spell HIS-837-1 Soft- Z-89/90 CP/M
Supersort HMP-817-1 Hard- Z-89/90 CP/M
Supersort HMP-837-1 Soft- Z-89/90 CP/M
Wordstar HMP-817-2 Hard- Z-89/90 CP/M
Wordstar HMP-837-2 Soft- Z-89/90 CP/M
Mailmerge HMP-817-3 Hard- Z-89/90 CP/M
Mailmerge HMP-837-3 Soft- Z-89/90 CP/M
Magic Wand HRS-817-9 Hard- Z-89/90 CP/M
Magic Wand HRS-837-9 Soft- Z-89/90 CP/M
Supercalc HSC-817-1 Hard- Z-89/90 CP/M
Supercalc HSC-837-1 Soft- Z-89/90 CP/M
CAI Authoring Program HTA-817-1 Hard- Z-89/90  
ZDS Teacher Program HTA-837-1 Soft- Z-89/90  
CAI Studio Program HTA-817-2 Hard- Z-89/90  
ZDS Student Progam HTA-837-2 Soft- Z-89/90  
PIE Screen Editor SF-9200 Hard- Z-89/90 HDOS-CP/M
Typing Tutor SF-9018 Hard- Z-89/90