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The link for the "Company Reference" information provides a list of companies known to be associated with Heath eight bit devices along with a very brief general description of the company. Click on the company name and, if available, the a new page will be generated that includes a date for when the company opened. If the company is known to be no longer in business, the close date is provided. Finally, if the system is aware of a company web site address (which may or may not be active) that, too, is provided.

The link for "Hardware Reference" information provides information on the hardware items related to SEBHC devices. The list includes systems, boards, peripherals, power supplies, kits, keyboards, and even chips. Selecting the "All" item provides a list of everything known to this system. The other items allow selection by hardware type. All types known to the system are listed. If you know of others, please contact an adminsitrator. In all listings, clicking on the entry in the Part # column will open a new window to display a photo of the item. If no photo is in the system, a "No Image Available" message will appear. If you encounter this message and can provide an image to be added to the system, please advise one of the administrators.

In the "Software Reference" section we are trying to list as many software titles as we can discover in any format and from any source, as long as it applies to the Heath 8-bit world. If you have copies of titles, either commercial, HUG, or self-written whether executable or source, in any language or O/S that runs or our eight-bit devices, please consider sending to us for inclusion. This will go a long way toward providing the most complete archive possible. As with hardware, "All" provides everything in one list. Selection of other items list software of the selected type.

Manuals, booklets, illustrations, and schematics have been included in the "Manuals Reference" page. Where necessary (and known) the list indicates a version of "Page # of Total Pages" information. Consideration is being given to storing and providing copies of as many of these items as possible for download from this site (under review for possible development). Work is in progress to provide filtered listings.

As the name indicates, the "Peridocals Reference" page provides information on published periodicals relating to Heath eight bit devices. As with manuals, consideration is being given to maintaining copies of these items in the system for download. Work is in progress to provide filtered listing on this section as well.